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This service is provided to the trainees of aerotech under 'Student Training Program'. We keep our trainees updated with opportunities with various organisations.


  • This program includes Soft skills, Corporate grooming, and Industry etiquettes.

  • Practical work assignments to meet the job requirement.

  • This assistance program supports trainee for six months.

  • Even after employment continued mentoring is provided to the alumni.

Over 10K training sessions delivered, 800+ participants, and 30+ corporate upskilling success stories.

Career Support

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Are you an Engineering Service or a Product Development organization/OEM that need trained candidates for technical documentation team (aerospace /automotive/engineering/Software & IT)?


aerotech placements team can help you find the right candidates for your product support requirements.


  • aerotech trained benefits for organizations:

    • Trained and mentored for specific project requirements.

    • Reduced training time and cost.

    • Groomed to corporate soft skills