Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Writing: Overview

  • Technical writing is a logical and systematic approach to design, develop and maintain technical information by analyzing complex product data.
  • Technical writers are critical for product aftermarket support and are in great demand across industries.
  • Technical writing involves the generation, distribution, analysis, and use of manufacturer data to produce technical manuals and documents.

Technical Writing: Skills Required

  • A technical writer should have the skill required to:
    • Analyze product details and functionalities
    • Understand the customer specification documents
    • Write as per standards, style guides and use an array of technical writing software.
  • And, to design and develop product documentation, that needs:
    • Careful analysis
    • Logical consideration
    • Good judgment
  • Must be foremost to the technical writer in the preparation of:
    • Accurate
    • Correct and Complete
    • Usable document.

Why is Training needed?

  • Increases competitive edge

  • Better selection prospective

  • Ready to hit the work floor

  • Understands the processes, terminology, and communicates well

  • Faster growth, when compared to untrained engineers.

Why a Trained Writer  - Advantage?

  • Trained Writers are ready to deploy

  • Customized to projects requirements

  • Reduced in-house training

  • Equally knowledge as experienced.

Pay and Growth?

  • What will be the pay and perks?
    • Pay packages start from ~2.8 – 3.5 Lacks for entry-level writers.
  • What is the average salary growth?
    • 2~4 years of experience - pay hike is projected from 6.0 to 9.0 lakhs CTC.
    • Annual appraisals can gross to 20-30% hike
  • About the career progression?
    • Technical Writer to Documentation Project Manager
    • Timelines Vs Progression – 8-12 Years

Technical Writing - Long term career option?

  • Many engineering, product, and software companies are outsourcing their business to India.
  • The number of IT and engineering companies setting up their documentation development teams that are growing on a larger scale.
  • India is rich with a cost-effective talent pool of engineers, which makes us a long-term option for companies, in turn, a long-term career option for us!

Training Details

  • Eligibility:
    • Aero, Mech, Auto, ECE, EEE, CSE&IT
    • Any Graduate 
  • Duration and Mode:
    • 6 Modules 
    • 8-10 Weeks 
    • 250+ Hours
    • Class Room & Online (ILT)
  • Cost:

    • Ask for details^# INR

Training Model & Modules

How to enquire or enrol for a Training Program?